Particle tracking & analytics

To study the molecular basis for neurological diseases, especially spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathic pain, and to search for new treatments that will alleviate suffering in these disorder, biomedical researchers at Yale University have to follow small particles as they travel along confined spaces in neuronal cells.

Researchers use 2D representations of the displacement of these particles (called kymographs) to visualise their motion, producing images such as the one shown at the top. Researchers then have to assign each line to a different particle, a task that despite its simplicity has not been easy until DeepMirror made kymograph analysis available to every researcher on our platform.

Biomedical researchers at Yale University needed more insights into the motion of these particles, such as classifying them based on their dynamics. DeepMirror personalised the AI kymograph solution by retraining the AI model on the client’s data, and by adding custom analytics according to the client’s needs.

Our client is now able to analyse huge datasets with the personalised AI solution DeepMirror delivered, obtaining meaningful insights that will help them tackle neurological diseases