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At deepMirror, we think about the ethics of our software, company and the legacy that we want to create.


Our software is used in a research context, where replicability and reproducibility are fundamental. We aim to publish our novel software methods in peer-reviewed journals, so that they can be tested by research experts, and become available to the wider community. We also want to make our software open source whenever possible, so please check our GitLab page at


We want to promote a supportive, diverse, fun, stimulating, and engaging environment at the company. As we grow and offer new job opportunities, we will encourage people from different backgrounds (especially the ones less represented in the tech industry) to apply for them. We envision a work environment where being a team player is as important as being good at one specific task, and where people feel motivated to work because they, their time, and their outcomes are valued by the whole team.


It is early days for deepMirror, but as we begin our journey as a startup we are already thinking about the legacy we want to create. We want to contribute to a world where people come first, where everyone is fairly treated, and where the passion for your work brings joy for your life. We want to help create a world where Artificial Intelligence can bring value to life, and not take away from it. We do this at all scales of our company, from the moment we source material for our products (hardware and software), to the quality of our products we deliver to our clients. We also want to be part of a world where everyone has a fair chance to become an important player in the AI “revolution”. Thus, we will continuously interact with Charities that promote computer science education and offer workshops to student from under-represented and under-privileged backgrounds.