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As we interact with more and more researchers using our tools, we are compiling a list of the most frequent (and hopefully most helpful) questions that we answer.

What is deepMirror?

deepMirror is the company that brings state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence tools to your biomedical data analysis workflow. If you work on quantitative analysis of hard-to-analyse data (images, movies, sequences, etc) that normally needs manual input (such as tracing cell or nuclei outlines), we can train a deep neural network to learn this analysis from your manual inputs. This speeds up your analysis without compromising its quality. It also decreases human bias and makes your biomedical data analysis workflow more reproducible.

Does deepMirror sell software packages?

We license private versions of our available tools as cloud-based instances, and develop new custom tools for our clients. These can be made available as:

  • easy-to-use cloud solutions that run on a web-browser without needing to install anything on your local computer
  • software packages to install and run privately on your local computer

Can we publish our research if we used deepMirror software for our analysis?

At deepMirror we have an academic background, and we want the methods used in our software to be clearly explained in the publications that used it. We generally try to publish our work (for example,, and we make our algorithms open source whenever possible. If this is not possible (for example if the algorithm uses code from a differed closed source application) we will at least provide a description of how the software works in detail for the methods section of your publication.