Financing round closed!

We did it! It feels like yesterday when we founded DeepMirror in 2019 as researchers at the University of Cambridge, and now we raised our first round of financing to productise our proprietary technology that enables the effortless adoption of AI for biomedical discoveries. 

The funds will be used to build a web platform around our core technology enabling users to create custom AI solutions for biomedical data from scratch using a simple no code interface.  

Our initial focus is on computer vision for biomedical applications, as for example the analysis of microscopy images or the diagnosis of clinical images. Custom solutions will be deployable as standalone applications on the web platform or as APIs to be integrated into existing client workflows. Currently, we already license software to research groups at world leading institutions and industry clients. 

Building AI software normally requires vast quantities of expertly curated data, a process that can take months and which has to be repeated for each new application. The DeepMirror platform will allow users to access DeepMirror’s proprietary technologies that require 100 times less data curation than existing approaches, removing the bottleneck that previously slowed down the adoption of AI for biomedical applications. 

Adopting AI software in the biomedical sector will have widespread implications by assisting doctors in diagnosing tumours, and researchers in finding new drugs for debilitating diseases. 

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