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Build Custom biomedical AI.


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Flexible biomedical AI.

For everyone.

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Deploy biomedical AI with 100x less data and effort

DeepMirror uses a new generation of AI algorithms that require 100 times less data curation, enabling our users to rapidly build powerful AI solutions for new applications with less time and effort.
Simply submit your image data (e.g. microscopy or radiology data) through our platform and our algorithms will do the rest by selecting an appropiate AI architecture and offering a wide range of complex quantification algorithms.

See our case studies for examples of our biomedical AI, where our clients adopted solutions that are less prone to human biases, offer valuable insights, and speed up their data analysis workflows.


You do not need to know how to code to use our platform


All our offerings are accessible from the web with no installs required


All our AI solutions come with powerful analytics so that you can extract the insight you need

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Dr Maximilian Jakobs

Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, President

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Founding Engineer

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