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At deepMirror we use new flexible AI technologies that learn with little human input. With small client datasets we can build powerful tools that are less prone to human biases and speed up data analysis by 100-fold.


Cloud app to analyse kymographs for cell biology applications. Click here to give it a try!


Web based platform for personalised AI based biomedical data solutions. Browse our library of solutions or request your own (Coming soon...).

Meet our team

Dr Andrea Dimitracopoulos


PhD from UCL, London in Physics & Biology
MRes and PhD in Modelling Biological Complexity
MSc and BSc in Biomedical Engineering
Data Scientist and full stack developer

Dr Max Jakobs


PhD from the University of Cambridge in Physical Biology
MSc and BSc in Physics.
Ai expert and cloud developer.

What clients say about deepMirror

Elizabeth Akin, Postdoc

Waxman Lab, Yale University

KymoButler from deepMirror is the best program I have used for automated kymograph analysis. It has simultaneously improved the quality of our data and the speed of our analysis. The team at deepMirror has been incredibly responsive and has created a custom output program specifically tailored for the needs of our lab.

Julie Qiaojin Lin, Postdoc

UK Dementia Research Institute, University of Cambridge

I am a user of a customised version of KymoButler developed by deepMirror, which allows me to batch-analyse hundreds of kymographs and extract a comprehensive list of measurements. Compared to most existing tracking software, KymoBulter identifies a significantly lower number of false positive/negative tracks. It is particularly robust in picking up puncta with weak fluorescence and is thus suitable for analysing kymographs originated from biological samples. Customer service is very efficient and helpful in answering questions related to the usage and performance of KymoButler, which made it easy to obtain satisfactory results.

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